2 of rarest of all lobsters caught 5 days apart

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September 5, 2014
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September 8, 2014
albino lobster

Two albino lobsters sit in a crate Sept. 5, 2014, with other lobsters at Owls Head Lobster Co. in Owls Head, Maine.

Under normal circumstances, both of these crystal lobsters would have been tossed back because they were too small to harvest. But the Maine Marine Patrol made exceptions and they were brought to Owl’s Head Lobster Co., about 65 miles south of Bangor, where 45 boats haul in more than a million pounds of mostly brown or dark green specimens each year.

The two white lobsters are being housed in the same crate now, but one will get a new home at Maine State Aquarium in Boothbay Harbor and the other will go to Brooks Trap Mill in Thomaston, a marine supply store just east of Rockland that has a tank of other Maine sea life.

Although Bates has not won Mega Millions with its 1-in-259-million odds, he won the lobster lottery again Monday, catching a yellow specimen. Those odds? 1 in 30 million, according to the Lobster Institute.

1410058282000-AP Albino Lobster_001

Two rare albino lobsters flank a rare yellow lobster Sept. 5, 2014, on a deck in Owls Head, Maine.

Source: WCNC

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