Dangerous Gun Free Zones

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September 17, 2014
Texas CHL and 30.06 – Where can I carry?
September 22, 2014

At the end of 2013 Texas had over 708,000 citizens licensed to conceal carry a handgun.  However, state law restricts where a CHL holder can carry, and private businesses can further implement a “No responsible law abiding concealed carry of handguns allowed”.

Choosing who can come on your privately owned property is your right, even if it is illogical and foolish.  Recently we witnessed a new level of ignorance when a Grapevine Waffle House kicked out a State Trooper for wearing his handgun (and badge) while he was dining.

All but 2 mass murders in the past 74 years have occurred in “Gun Free Zones” whether it was a school, theater, or military base.  Yes as illogical as that is, the Military Police are the only ones allowed firearms on military bases.  Not that there haven’t been other attempts at mass murders in other areas, but it’s because they are cut short by armed citizens.  (Here is a short list of a few stopped)

The FBI released this study of Active Shooter Events from 2000 to 2012 that looks at 104 events and showed:

  • 49% of events stopped before the police could arrive
  • 42% of events (44 total) resulted in the killer committing suicide, of which 29 killers committed suicide prior to police arrival.
  • 43% of events (45 total) result in the attacker being stopped with force, either by civilians or law enforcement.
  • When civilians intervene before LE arrives, they stop 33% of mass shootings.
  • Slightly less than 3% of mass shootings are stopped by armed civilians shooting the attacker.

Not that it’s a citizen’s duty to stop an active shooter, your tennis shoes are usually your best defensive weapon.  My first inclination is always the safety of my family, but when there is danger I will often run towards it rather than away in care of others.  For instance I was with my family at a hotel this past summer when the fire alarms went off at 1am.  After evacuating my family I ran back inside to clear the floors and my wife didn’t even bat and eye because she knows we put others before ourselves.

Nevertheless, “Gun Free Zones” impose an unsafe situation for all involved.  Only the law abiding will comply.  The murderers, thieves, rapists, gang members, drug dealers and other criminals will only feel an invitation to your property knowing that the law abiding are disarmed and defenseless.  There are several recent stories like this one where restaurants declare “No Guns” and then get robbed afterwards.

Next, “Gun Free Zones” will lose business.  I keep track of the few local businesses that post the Texas “No Guns” 30.06 signage so that I can avoid them at all costs.  The sign below is from the local Carmike Theater in the Lufkin Mall that I refuse to visit.  And be warned they will also search every bag and purse brought into the theater.  I find this an uncomfortable invasion of privacy.  These businesses are not only  with CHL carriers, but my wife said her group of friends did not want to support this theater and didn’t feel safe there because of this stance.  You can find a list of these anti-gun business at www.texas3006.com 

Gun Free Signs Lufkin Carmike

No CHL 30.06 Sign posted at Lufkin Carmike Theater

If a property owner bans you from the best means available for protecting yourself I believe the business assumes responsibility and liability for the consequences of those choices.  It seems as if a federal judge also agrees with this as well by allowing lawsuits against Cinemark proceed due to the mass murder in Aurora.  Notice again how the murderer didn’t obey the “Gun Free Zone” sign.  I’ve always told my wife if something were to happen to me, because I was legally disarmed, to sue all those involved that decision.

Stay tuned for a short summary of the Texas CHL places you can and cannot carry.

What’s your opinion on “Gun Free Zones”?


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