Florida fisherman reels in massive 18-inch crustacean

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September 5, 2014
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mantis5n-3-webJust when you thought it was safe to go into the water.

A massive, 18-inch crustacean was pulled from the water off a Florida dock leaving state wildlife officials not only shocked but initially scratching their heads.

The scaly creature featuring multiple legs and claws was described as “striking its own tail” when reeled in off a Fort Pierce dock.

The unfazed fisherman “grabbed it by its back like a lobster,” said the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in a Facebook post showcasing its photos Thursday.

It’s believed to be some kind of mantis shrimp.

“These types of crustaceans have eyes on stalks that can move independently of one another,” said the commission.

The fisherman told officials that he released the creature after taking several pictures of it from the end of a fishing line.

Reaction to the jumbo shrimp on the FWC’s Facebook page proved to be a mix of watery mouths and pure disgust.

“Get Out the Garlic Butter !!!!!!!!” wrote Ed Karecki.

“I would probably put a few rounds in it before I drug it on [shore] (it’s an alien),” wrote Aaron Pickern.

“Pretty sure that’s from men in black..” wrote Lauren Ruff.

“We call those a roach up north….” wrote Dan Umstead.

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