After a Neighbor’s Dog Was Eaten, Man Vowed to Find the Creature Responsible. He Was ‘Very Surprised’ When He Finally Did.

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September 19, 2014
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A French Guiana man who set out to capture the creature responsible for killing his neighbor’s dog was “very surprised” when he finally found it and realized what it was: a 17-foot anaconda.

According to Barcroft TV, math teacher Sebastien Bascoules captured the giant snake from a river close to his friend’s home. The reptile had previously eaten a pet dog as it lurked around the neighborhood.


“I was not scared because I thought it was smaller, but I was very surprised,” he said.

“It was really difficult to capture these kind of snakes because they are very strong,” the man added.

With the help of his friend, the 39-year-old wrestled the snake out of the river, putting it in a blindfold and carrying it to dry ground.



Bascoules then let his children play with the massive serpent and take photographs before placing the 175lb snake in a bathtub for the night.



The next day, the anaconda was then released into a river approximately six miles away, Barcroft TV reported.

Source: The Blaze

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