Walter Marine moves the Kinta to Texas to sink for the Texas Department of Wildlife and Recreation

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September 12, 2014
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SOMEWHERE IN LOUISIANA (OR MAYBE TEXAS) – Stewart Walter and crew are piloting the tug Maranatha to Corpus Christi, Texas with the 155-foot Kinta in front and are passing the area of Galveston and Houston Texas. Several crew members and drivers are aboard, Stewart being one of the drivers and here’s Stewart’s latest text from aboard the Maranatha on the evening of Sept. 11:

541271ae9e3d4.image“We’ve averaged about 6.5 knots. We’ve been thru 5 locks. Longest wait was 14 hours. It’s been hard b/c you can’t see ahead due to ships (Kinta’s) wheelhouse being taller than ours. (blind tow). This is our view, not easy passing other tows or making locks b/c you don’t see them until you are already passing them.”

Walter Marine is taking the Kinta to a spot eight miles off the coast of Corpus Christi, Texas to sink as a diving and fishing reef for the Texas Department of Wildlife and Recreation.

Look for another update tomorrow on Keep up with the Maranatha’s progress at:

Source: Gulf Coast News Today


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