Wild hogs cause problems across Houston area

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September 24, 2014
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They’re big, destructive, and potentially dangerous, and right now wild hogs are causing problems all across the Houston area.

Hog removal businesses have seen a recent increase in calls from concerned homeowners. One establishment is seeing as much as seven times the normal call rate.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the increase in all the hog activity is the rainy end of summer. All of the rain has allowed the hogs, which usually live in large packs, to become more mobile.

It’s 70 times worse, not even 50-50 anymore,” said animal and pest control expert Claude Griffin, of Gotcha Pest Control. “We’re 70 times worse with hogs right now.”

Griffin explains the hogs don’t have to stay close to typical water sources like rivers, bayous, and creeks. They now have plenty of places to choose from with all the standing water.

“This is perfect weather for us and them,” said Griffin. “But we’re sort of losing the battle when it comes to hogs right now because the rain’s driving them into our backyards, and they’ll push over a fence in a minute.”

Bob Thornsberry, of Cajun Bob’s Hog Removal, said he normally receives about 10 calls a week from customers. Last week he said he had 73 calls. In the first two days of this work week he’s already received 22 calls.

Source: KPRC


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