Attack of the giant squid: Beast caught on camera flailing and spraying ink

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October 13, 2014
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October 13, 2014

A giant squid has been filmed launching a frantic attack beneath the waves on a passing submarine.
The ten-legged beast is seen launching itself towards the vessel, whipping its tentacles at the hull.
People in charge of the submarine try to frighten the beast away by shining a bright light at the squid, which only enrages it further and prompts a second attack.

The panicked cephalopod  then fires a huge burst of ink at the submarine – which thankfully seems to do no damage.
Shortly after, the squid swims away without having damaged the submarine.

The encounter was filmed in the Bering Sea – the body of water between Russia and Alaska.
Greenpeace, who were running the mission, uploaded the footage to their Vine account yesterday.

Source: Daily Mail


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