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September 30, 2014
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October 22, 2014



Capt. Randy Best reports that heavy rains over the past weekend made fishing a little tough. Best fishes from Corpus Christi south to the Land Cut and north to Seadrift. He predominantly fishes using a fly rod, a visual fishing trip as he calls it. But he also takes people fishing who are more comfortable with baitcasting and spinning reels.

Now it’s about relocating the fish. “After the weather settles we just have to locate the fish,” says Best. “They do the same thing we do when it rains…go find some place to get comfortable and wait out the weather. They will be finicky for about two days and then we will get on them.”

How does Best go about finding the fish that have moved due to weather changes?

“First of all I stay away from runoff water; I stay away from the Intracoastal canal, from Corpus south, because there will be a huge amount of runoff that turns the water dirty. I want to stay in clearer water where I can actually see the fish and use “search baits”. For this week he plans to fish south of Rockport on Estes Flats.

His preferred bait is the three inch New Penny by Gulp. Also anything in purple is working real well. “In blind casting, we bump the lure along, within a foot off the bottom; if we are sight casting, the fish are usually in the middle of the water column, 3-4 feet of water. There are a lot big redfish up shallow, literally six inches deep.

“I’m just looking forward to the temperature going down a little bit, temperature dropping eight degrees, and really get after these fish.”

Capt. Randy Best can be reached at 361-533-2058, [email protected],

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