Fishermen Reel in Bizarre Catch

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During a recent fishing trip with his brother and nephew, Kim Haskell and his group was left stunned after he reeled in what he thought was a mythical sea creature, now jokingly referred to as the “Tunicorn.”

After struggling to reel in the huge dogtooth tuna on the outer reef outside of Cooktown, Queensland, in Australia, the group noticed a giant horn sticking out of the fish’s head. At first glance, the image is truly surreal.


It seems that the tuna somehow got a Marlin spike pierced right through the middle of its head.

“It was totally healed so must have been in it for a while. We were wondering if the spike entered through the mouth because the thin bit was at the end,” Haskell’s brother, Jamie, wrote in an online post.

“Looked almost too perfectly [centered] and would not have believed it if we hadn’t caught it ourselves,” he added. “Probably the strangest thing I have ever found inside a fish. Has anyone else seen such a thing?”

Haskell speculated that the spike may have gotten lodged in the fish’s head during a “feeding frenzy.”

“My guess is that there was a bait ball, and the sailfish must have speared the tuna by mistake and the bill snapped off,” he said.

The fishermen removed the bill and released the tuna back into the water. While it was a well-intentioned gesture, the fish’s blood immediately attracted nearby sharks and it was killed.

Source: The Blaze

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