Huge 250lb Alligator Gar on Lake Sam Rayburn

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October 8, 2014
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This day was a day that is beyond what I ever imagined possible. After sitting a while on some rolling gator gar, we decided to move to a different spot for long nose. Just after we switched our Retriever reels for spincasts, a big one rolled out behind us, like it was sticking his tongue at us for giving up. So…I said, “Let’s make one more pass thru there, and then we can get out of here.” Halfway thru that pass, we looked down and saw an absolute monster alligator gar right in front of the boat, only about a foot deep! We both said “Oh my God!” at the same time and both shot the fish at exactly the same time. Both were prime hits right behind the gill and the fight was on!

I was very nervous trying to fight the fish due to not having our Retrievers on. I did my best to stay on the trolling motor to follow the fish on 3 different runs. The power those fish have is awesome! Just as we began to worry that one of our lines was wrapped up, the fish floundered to the top, about 15 yards out. Keith jumped down and grabbed a 3rd bow that did have a slotted Retriever on it and put a 3rd arrow into the fish. With that line, he hauled her right to the boat side while I put bows 1 and 2 on the deck and scrambled to get the gaff ready. Soon, the gaff was in the fish and we could actually take a look at the fish. WOW, I couldn’t believe the size of the head. I knew the fish was a giant before we shot, but man, this was just breathtaking!


It took a while to get her into the boat. We literally could not drag her over the side. After much effort, both of us managed to grunt and strain enough to get her in. Unbelievable, at least to us! We got the fish certified at 244.5 lbs, a pending Rayburn record! She was 8’2″ and had a 44.75″ girth! Not a bad day for bow fishing on lake Sam Rayburn!


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