Redfish moving with the tides in Matagorda West Bay

Redfish are on the move
October 26, 2014
Flounder bag limit changes Nov. 1
October 29, 2014



“I was out in (Matagorda) West Bay wading in about calf deep water, and the tide started moving around 8 – 9 a.m.,” reports Matagorda fishing guide, Tommy Countz (281-450-4037). By noon is was ripping and the redfish were coming out on to some of the bars with grass on them. You could see schools of redfish on them.

“Just throw a topwater in the middle of them and watch them fight over it.”

Later, about12 or 12:30, Countz found another school of about 30 redfish. “I took three out of it. Usually you catch one in a school, and when the fish starts struggling, the rest scatter. This school kind of held together for me. Took that one out and got him on the stringer, and threw back in. I caught another one, and they dispersed for a little while, and they made back up. I threw into them again, and I got my third fish.”

Countz also reports seeing a few birds working over trout. “We have some shrimp in the bay. Hopefully they will still be here up through December.”


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