Full Auto, Suppressed, Belt Fed, .22LR M16 [VIDEO]

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November 25, 2014
Cop Drops Active Shooter from 104 Yards with M&P .40, While Holding His Horses
December 2, 2014

Before some anti-gun news site picks this up I’ll file the disclaimer:

Fully automatic (machine guns, actual assault rifles, etc) are legal, BUT:
They are heavily regulated (i.e. infringements).
They are heavily restricted from civilian ownership since 1934 (i.e. infringements).
They are extremely rare in civilian hands (i.e. infringement).
They are extremely expensive due to the Gun Control Act of 1986 limiting the civilian market only to firearms manufactured and registered (infringement) before 1987 limiting the market.  So this original M16A1 you see here could have been purchased for only $1,000 before 1986 now it’s market value is over $25,000.

But of course they are also extremely fun.  Especially when you can put a Razorback belt fed .22LR upper and Silencer Co Sparrow suppressor on one.Enjoy:

And it’s so easily manageable my oldest daughter could also handle it:

And if you would like to see a 200 round dump:


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