Interesting 5.7 Ammo

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November 26, 2014
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And not only interesting looking, but apparently also a little controversial right now. Thanks to Jess for sending this link to a post on the International Ammunition Association website:

I have a friend that Loves (with capital “L”) his FN Five-seveN, even despite the cost to shoot it. I’ll admit, some of the specs on the round are impressive. What is really interesting to me is the shape of the bullet in the above thread, and what the purpose of that shape is. There is a good photo of the bullet after passing through a IIIa vest.

Looking at the two rounds side by side, they are certainly close, and the Vanguard bullet is nearly identical to an early version of the Elite.

I’m sure we have some 5.7 fans here. What do you like about the platform? Has anyone shot either of these rounds?

Source: The Firearms Blog

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