1st time ever, Back to back shots.

First Axis Buck
December 24, 2014
Bodie’s first fish
December 24, 2014

Erik Dubose in Henly, TX on a private low fence lease.
It was Saturday evening of opening weekend 2014.

I spotted the 11 point on the left first and he disappeared
Into the bush. Minutes later the 10 point on the right came out I watched him for several minutes and decided to shoot him since I was leaving the following weekend to go out of town working for the rest of the year and this was my last weekend to hunt in Texas this year. No sooner than I shot the 10 the 11 point came running out and I could tell he was bigger I could not pass up the opportunity to bag 2 quality hill country deer back to back it was my first opportunity to this in 30 years of hunting so I took the shoot both deer hit the ground instantly. This is one weekend of Texas deer hunting that I will never forget…. thanks Erik Dubose. Vidor, TX.


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