Americans Fume Over Discovery Channel Special Promising to Show Man Eaten Alive by Anaconda

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December 8, 2014
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December 8, 2014

In a two-hour special on the Discovery Channel, Paul Rosolie attempted to be “Eaten Alive” by an anaconda snake.

However, the program, which has been hyped up for weeks now, went south quickly when Rosolie demanded that his team pull him out of the snake after he had just his head inside of the reptile.

Rosolie communicated with his team of naturalists via radio and expressed fear that his arms could potentially break by saying:

“My arm’s torquing. This thing is gonna break,”

“I’m calling it! I need help!”

It was a large disappointment to those who were anticipating a television special about a man being eaten alive by an anaconda.

eaten alive twitter 1

This Twitter user expressed disappointment in Rosolie personally.

eaten alive twitter 2

One Twitter user claimed to have not been fooled by the false advertising.

eaten alive twitter 3

Needless to say, it was probably unwise to advertise that a man will be “eaten alive” for months, along with titling the two-hour show Eaten Alive, only to just partially enter the snake’s head for a brief period.

Source: IRJ

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