Wide open fishing in the upper reaches of Trinity Bay

High-tech tarpon tagging
December 12, 2014
From a distance it looks like a fish
December 16, 2014



Capt. Paul Marcaccio (281-788-4041) reports the speckled trout fish in Trinity Bay of the Galveston Bay complex is wide open with lots of good catches. “There’s fish in Trinity Bay near Jack’s Pocket, near the Trinity River. You have fish in Tabbs on the western shoreline of Trinity

You have fish in Dickinson. The anglers who fish Dickinson regularly know about some of the open reefs in Dickinson Bay.” Water temperature has been in the high 50s and water color is great.

“A lot of people don’t like to go this far north, but there are good catches Scott Bay and Crystal Bay.

“It’s all been with plastics. Best colors are Slammin Chicken, limetreuse, plum/chartreuse, and pumpkin seed. I’m using a quarter ounce lead head.

Working the tides this far north in Trinity Bay: “I would prefer outgoing,” said Marcaccio, “but when you get that far up, you are just lucky to get a tide. Work whatever tide you got. Work the tide movement; the fish are working the movement of the tide, not tide direction.”

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