Fish action fair on Sabine Lake

Moon + tides = flounder
January 5, 2015
Big mullet
January 10, 2015


TPWD reports trout catches fair on the shorelines with Corkies and Catch 2000s; fair redfish action around drains while using shrimp. Sheepshead and black drum action is good at the jetty on live shrimp.

Guide, Capt. Eddie Hernandez (409-673-3100, reported that before the rains hit last weekend the flats behind Stewt’s Island, Sydnes Island and the north tip of Pleasure Island were producing some bigger trout, “Not a whole bunch of them, but fish up to 6 ½ lbs.” reports Hernandez.

“There were some redfish in the main lake before the Christmas holidays. The birds were working. Anywhere you found birds, you’d find lots of redfish. Since the birds quit, we have been fishing the bayous.” Blacks Bayou and Madame Johnson have been Hernandez’s favorites.

“We were also catching some trout from the slicks. Slicks were popping up everywhere.”

Hernandez’s bait of choice: soft plastics and Corkies. Favorite soft plastic color combination is glow/chartreuse tail…tip the tail in garlic dye.


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