Laser Max SHOT Show 2015

What Should We Check Out at SHOT?
January 20, 2015
Umarex Shot Show 2015
January 20, 2015

Laser Max came through with some super solid products at SHOT this year. We happend to stuble across thier booth right as we walked in the door and found a few things we believed deserved some attention.

I am a Glock guy through and through. Many companies have jumped on the laser guide rod for the Glock platfrom, including Laser Max. The simple install and operation lets the most amateur firearms enthusiast to mount the rod and switch. If you can take down your Glock, you can mount this. The new addition of the green laser for $449 is fantastic.

In addtion to the Glock guide rod, there are some new super compact weapon mounted lights and lasers for some of the most popular concealed carry firearms. We were particularly fond of the weapon mounted lights for the S&W j-frame revolvers and the sub-compact class such as the Springfield XD.
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