Lionheart LH9 Pistol

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The Lionheart LH9 pistol is another best kept good gun secret.  In fact I think it’s a pretty great pistol.  It’s very solid, well built, simple, super reliable and plenty accurate.  It’s hard to break into the firearms industry if you aren’t a polymer framed, striker fired pistol boasting of the name Glock, S&W, or Springfield.


The LH9 get’s it’s roots from the Daewoo K5 Korean sidearm, much like the Springfield XD was once the Croatian HS2000.  It has a proven 25 year track record and the most interesting thing about it is the Double Action Plus Trigger system:

If you are familiar with most double actions, you can usually decock the hammer, and then if you wish you can re-cock it by pulling the hammer back again.  However the LH9 decocks by simple putting a little pressure against the hammer and it falls slowly to the hammer block safety.  Then you can recock it either of two ways: by pulling the hammer back again, OR by pressing the trigger gently.  Pressing the trigger through the first stage will re-cock the hammer into single stage position again, or you can keep pressing through to fire.  Very unique.

The pistol also has traditional double action as well.  For instance if you had a primer fail to fire you can pull through the heavier double action trigger and give it another strike.

The pistol is forged out of an aluminum frame and stainless steel slide.  The full sized version weighs 28 oz and holds 13/15 rounds of 9mm depending if you choose the flush fitting magazine.  The compact version shaves 2 oz and half an inch off each direction and holds either 10/13 rounds.

I found the sidearm to fit my hands well, and since I had the MKII series my support thumb rested comfortably at the beginning of the accessory rail when shooting.  The single action trigger had no creep after slack takeup and was just a little heavier than 4 pounds.  The double action was a smooth 11 pounds, but you hardly ever have a use for the double action since the gun boasts of Double Action Plus.  Trigger reset looked like it was a little over 3/8″.

The LH9 does have an ambidextrous safety lever can be enabled in either cocked or decocked position.

LH9 System

As for accuracy I was able to hit my 50 yard 8″ plates with crummy blasting ammunition so it’s hard to ask much more than that.  Plenty acceptable for a defensive pistol.  With this being a new pistol I wanted to make sure it was reliable.  I shot a variety of 9mm loads of several hundred rounds through the pistol out of the box without a single hiccup.

Normally I’m concerned about holster selection with lesser known firearms, but Lionheart actually offers several high quality holsters direct from there website.  I was able to test the G-Code INCOG and I was very impressed by it’s fit, retention, comfort and speed.  The gun draws very quick and slick, and you feel just a slight bit of drag upon the last push of reholstering and a positive “click” when it’s secure.

LH9 Holster

So again, the LH9 is a great pistol, if you like Double Action Plus, you have found your perfect match.  Prices start at $749 and it comes in a few varieties of finishes along with night sights, fiber optic sights and more.  Find out more at


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