Wading shorelines for the big trout

Big mullet
January 10, 2015
More info on tagging tarpon
January 28, 2015

What lure should you be tying on the end of your line for big trout? Guide Paul Marcaccio (281-788-4041) suggested the MirrOlure 5 inch shad or the Bass Assassin 5 inch shad, but his favorite is the Corky Devil with the long tail as opposed to the regular Corky.

“The shorter paddle tail baits don’t work at this time of the year,” said Marcaccio. “I’m sure to a trout the bait looks like a big mullet. They are trying to have lunch. Most of these big fish don’t like to eat but every 8-10 days.”

Marcaccio adds that the regular Corky “just floats up and down. The Corky Devil has a lot of side to side motion, as well as up and down.”

He replaces the 8/0 hook that comes on the lure to a VMC 6/0. “It’s a little bit bigger than the 8/0 and it enables the lure to drop a little bit quicker.”

Other lure choices for big trout:

MirrOlure 38 and 51 series … “Both of those series tie on at the nose; they are designed for wading, they stay in the water column.”

In clear water and sunny days his choice of color is a translucent bait; in off color water or cloudy days, use an opaque or dark bait. “The dark bait is going to present a contrast. They will see a shadow. Use a translucent bait in the sunny weather, and they will see their reflection.”

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