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Red Snapper season length proposal
February 28, 2015
Raymond Shoal and Colorado River producing trout
February 28, 2015


“It’s been good if you get into the mud, but other than that it has been real spotty,” claims Capt. Paul Marcaccio (281-788-4041) in describing the fishing in the Galveston Bay complex before the recent frontal passage. “Anglers are hunting big fish and this is that time of the year between now and probably the first week of April.

“If you get out of the boat and concentrate on mud and shell in either West Bay or the north shoreline of East Bay near Frozen Point, we are picking up 24-26 inch trout, a lot of 7s and 8s which tells me the 9s and 10s are right behind, not in any great numbers, but they are there for the asking. Every year we always pick up a half a dozen fish, but it’s a grind.

“If you are wading the mud, wait until mid afternoons or late evening when that tide starts coming in. You get that Gulf stream warmer water.”

If he has anglers who don’t want to wade fish the mud, he drift fishes catching most of the fish over 10 feet of water over mud and shell. They’re using soft plastics paddle tail baits, dark colors on dark days and light colors on clear days. Most of the fish are pretty close to being on the bottom, but not on the bottom.

“If we can get in the middle of the reefs, those in Trinity and East Bay … Deep Reef, Hanna’s in East Bay, and in Trinity Bay, near the Anahuac Pocket and Jack’s Pocket, has also been good over shell.

“When wading I would stay with either MirrOlures in the 38 series or 51 series, bright colors like orange, chartreuse or silver. In the Corkie we have been either using the standard Corky or the Corky Devil, or Fat Boy.

“After a cold front wait a couple days after passage. If you have to fish before the two days, fish 8-10 feet of water. The bite is just a slow peck or nibble, almost like a piggy perch bite.

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