Raymond Shoal and Colorado River producing trout

Muddy wade
February 28, 2015
Recent rains make it tough to catch fish in the Galveston Bay complex
March 18, 2015


The Colorado River, normally a hot spot to fish at this time of the year has been producing some fish says Capt. Tommy Countz (281-450-4037).

“Also they are catching fish making long drifts in the Raymond Shoal area,” continues Countz. “When they have the right conditions, they are doing pretty well on both redfish and trout. What we look for is streaky water, kind of murky, something that’s off color, trying to stay out of the crystal clear. A lot of times that murky water is caused by mullet down on the bottom stirring up the bottom.

“A lot of the anglers are throwing Gulp under a popping cork. The other thing used is a heavier lead head and soft plastics in Chicken-on- a-Chain and tequila colors. The Black Magic Nortons work pretty good. Just make long drifts and work the bait slow, bouncing it off the bottom. You will hang some shell once in awhile, but that tells you that you are in the right spot.

In the Upper Laguna Madre,Countz reported good fishing. “There are a few big fish coming, but we haven’t taken anything over seven pounds. We been fishing mainly on the King Ranch shoreline, had a good day working the drop-offs. When we are finding concentrations of bait we are finding trout. That’s the key in the wintertime. Find a lot of mullet activity and you will normally find some fish.”

Water temperatures have been up in the mid 60s.

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