Texas Open Carry Handgun Law May Pass Soon

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Your C.H.L. may be replaced by a non-concealed license before long. For those on the side-lines of the gun-ownership debate, you might see guns in the open when you make that trip to the grocery store in the near future.

Governor Greg Abbott is confident that there are enough votes for licensed open carry of all firearms to soon become a reality here in Texas. South Texas College of Law Professor, Gerald Treece says our state is already friendly to begin with regarding gun ownership.

“Texas law is pretty much on the side the 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms anyway… We already have concealed handgun laws. We already have open carry laws for long arms like rifles and shotguns (as long as they’re not displayed in a threatening manner), so this isn’t a big stretch in wording this legislation to allow it…”

Treece adds there is a solid chance of its passage with both the Governor and the Lt. Governor on board

Source: KTRH

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