Recent rains make it tough to catch fish in the Galveston Bay complex

Raymond Shoal and Colorado River producing trout
February 28, 2015
The fishing has been good between cold fronts
March 22, 2015


Capt. Jim West (409-996-3054) reports that the recent rains gave Trinity Bay a double dose of freshwater on the north end, same with East Bay up by the Wildlife Refuge. “There are some fish caught over at the Kemah-Seabrook Flats in upper Galveston Bay. I caught them pretty good yesterday on the freshwater line, nothing big. I had a seven pound trout a couple of weeks ago.”

In March, even without the influx of freshwater, the fish spread out.

“There will be some fish shallow, up in the bayous and some still in deep water. But they won’t be on the open bay reefs yet. We usually catch our better fish shallow while wade fishing; wading gives you so many more options. Another thing, we start switching over to a morning bite instead of going out later in the morning or afternoon like we have been doing. A lot of the flats will begin having fish on them.”

Some of West’s favorite spots to check out are the north and south shorelines of East Bay and the shorelines of upper Galveston Bay. In Trinity Bay he likes the Kemah Flats and Sylvan Beach area (29.546283, -95.0108). Don’t forget to check out Burnett Bay (29.76856, -95.05077) and Tabbs Bay (94.866667, -94.94236).

In March West’s usually throws a Corky or a MirrOdine by MirrOlure, and sometimes the 51 series MirrOlure as the water warms.

“With the Corky, you can work it really, really slow,” explains West. “It’s finesse bait, not something you have to pull it through the water real fast. It works well because you can twitch the bait and reel it slowly.” Favorite colors are gold and chartreuse. “Pinks are always good.”

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