Texas Game Warden Association to host fishing tournament

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When it comes to fishing, reeling in a big ol’ catfish isn’t a bad thing.

The third annual Whiskers & Reds fishing tournament is set to kick-off March 12 with a weekend of events for beginner and experienced fishers.

But, the tournament hosted by the Texas Game Warden Association, isn’t just about who catches the biggest fish, it’s about coming together to learn about Texas heritage and traditions.

“Our heritage here in Texas stems back to a tool known as hunting,” event planner Amanda Hurst said. “And while it’s not a tool used as much today, it is still in practice. This event is to get kids outdoors and see what nature has to offer.”

Hurst’s husband Justin Hurst was a game warden and was killed in a shoot out in 2008.

All proceeds from the fishing tournament go back to Texas youth to be used in Wharton County, and across the state to fund kid fishes and youth hunts. To date, more than $100,000 has been raised, event planners said.

The early deadline to register for the tournament begins Monday and tickets can be purchased at eventbrite.com by searching Whiskers and Reds Fishing Tournament.

There are three team divisions: catfish, alligator gar and redfish and crappie. Team entry for up to four persons is $200 and children ages 5-16 can enter the youth division for free.

In addition to the fishing tournament, there’ll also be a host of activities at the recreation complex, including the Be a Game Warden for a day “Who Done It? Deer Camp,” bounce houses, outdoor animal education, a tournament fish tank and weigh-in, vendor booths and the popular “Walk of Shame” Operation Game Thief poaching trailer.

The Justin Hurst Memorial Color Run will begin at 9 a.m. March 14. Proceeds will go to the Houston Concerns of Police Survivors foundation.

Individual tickets can be purchased at active.com for $30 and groups are $100 per team with a maximum of four participants.

“Amazing relationships are built when you’re outside,” Hurst said.

Source: Victoria Advocate


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