Watch: B.C. man captures video of orcas attacking sea lions off Hornby Island

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VANCOUVER – Hornby Island resident Louis Jobidon is no stranger to observing the behaviour of orcas and even orcas attacking sea lions.

But he managed to capture one interaction on video a few weeks ago and it has received thousands of views on YouTube.

“It’s the beginning of herring season,” says Jobidon. “Basically all the wildlife shows up for this.”

He was kayaking, as he often does around Hornby, when he noticed a commotion in the water a short distance away.

“There were two sea lions and they were knocked out from multiple ramming,” says Jobidon. For an hour the orcas kept tossing the sea lions in the air. “I think maybe they were teaching their young but I’m not a biologist,” he adds.

The whole experience lasted for a few hours but Jobidon only posted the highlights on his YouTube channel.

Source: GlobalNews.CA

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