WATCH: Alligator attacks trainer during Texas demonstration

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OLD TOWN SPRING, Texas, April 27 (UPI) — The owner of a Texas alligator show said a trainer was not seriously injured when he was attacked by one of the animals on camera during a festival.

Monique Gongora, who was in the audience during the demonstration at the Texas Crawfish and Music Festival on Saturday in Old Town Spring, took video of the Gator Country show and captured the moment an alligator latched onto a trainer’s arm.

Gary Saurage, owner of Beaumont-based Gator Country, said the trainer was not seriously injured.
“He didn’t even get one stitch,” Saurage told KTRK-TV. “But I guarantee this: He’s sore this morning. He won’t make this mistake again.”

Saurage, whose group gives a home to rescued alligators found in Texas, said the attack was the result of miscommunication between the two trainers.

“They didn’t talk to each other right. The guy in front says, ‘Are you ready?’ The guy in back thought he said, ‘Go.’ We’re humans and what we do is get complacent sometimes,” Saurage said.


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