Redfish action good out of Rockport

NOAA Fisheries Announced Commercial and Recreational Quota Increases for Red Snapper and the Recreational Seasons in the Gulf of Mexico
May 4, 2015
Six remaining weeks on spring Toledo Bend lunker bass season
May 11, 2015


Capt. Chad Verburt, who is fishing out of Rockport reported that the redfish action has been good, catching limits early in the day. He and his anglers are using cut mullet and perch as the water is still somewhat dirty from all the rain we have had. He’s free lining with a 5/0 croaker hook, fishing the pot holes in the flats. Depth range is between 1 and 3 feet.

“We have had pretty good tides, and we have been fishing up tight on the shorelines.”

He’s fishing from his boat. “A lot of our fish are still holding over muddier, softer bottoms, which makes it a little more difficult to wade right now. In two or three weeks these fish (redfish) will start moving in over the sand, which is easier to wade than this mud.”

The persistent winds of the last few days are not hampering fishing and catching redfish. The trout bite is a lot more difficult.

If a customer said he wanted to fish for trout, how would he fish and where?

“I would drift with artificials, trying to find out where they’re hitting. But, there are not too many trout showing up in our bays yet. However, the trout that are showing up are decent fish, 23-24 inches, but we just are not getting a whole bunch of them.

“Generally I fish a lot of live bait and I definitely want those weighted down.

“When we are throwing live baits we put a ¾ oz slip weight on it. This week we have been mostly catching them on dead bait. The bite has been a little bit lighter because of the full moon. You have to be a little bit more patient with the fish, let them take the bait good.”


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