Russian bear mauls woman, covers her up to eat her later (VIDEO)

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A Russian woman was attacked by bear that mauled her, then buried her to be eaten later, authorities said.

Natalya Pasternak, a 55-year-old postal worker and the mother of two, had been hiking with her dog and a friend in the eastern Amur region when the dog began barking, The Siberian Times reported.

The female bear pounced on the pet, and then the woman, whose friend took off running.

Wildlife protection officers rushed to the wooded area, where they, too, were charged by the bear. They shot and killed the wild animal earlier this week, the news site reported.

Rescuers then noticed a bloodied hand protruding from a pile of leaves. Brushing away a mound of debris, they found Pasternak still conscious, but badly injured. She suffered deep claw marks and serious wounds to her head and legs.

The 4-year-old bear apparently hid the woman to be eaten at a later time, the site said.

“Have you killed the bear?” she asked wildlife officers.

The condition of the woman’s dog was not known.

Pasternak remains hospitalized.


Source: Daily News

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