Three New Fishing Boats for Under $15,000

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The Mako Pro Skiff 16: Gobs of bang for your buck!

It’s hard (as in, impossible) to logically justify spending big bucks on a fishing boat. If logic comes into play at all in the decision-making process, you’re doomed. We buy boats because we love them, not because we need them. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could find new fishing boats, that beat the $15,000 mark? That were inexpensive enough to leave guilt in their wakes? We can! Check out these three new boats, and their low MSRP pricing.

mako pro skiff 16

The Mako Pro Skiff 16: Gobs of bang for your buck!

1. Mako Pro Skiff 16 – This little powercat is set up for fishing, comes with a 25 horsepower outboard and a trailer, and starts at $12,995. I’ve spent some time zipping across the water on the Pro Skiff, and thought it rode better than virtually any 16 foot V-hull boat, handled great, and had plenty of power with the little 25 on the transom. No, it’s not super-fast, but a cruise in the upper-teens is plenty on a boat of this size. Standards include an eight gallon livewell, a console with vertical rodracks and a stainless-steel grabrail, and an 85-qt. cooler/helm seat. Did I mention that this price includes a trailer?

pontoon boat

A pontoon boat for under 15K? You betcha.

2. Sun Tracker Bass Buggy – If a pontoon boat is what you’re looking for, the Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 DLX hits the mark. It lists at $11,395 with a 20 HP outboard. Features that come standard include pedestal-mounted fishing chairs, vertical rod holders, and a Bimini top. But my favorite feature of the Bass Buggy actually has nothing to do with the boat, and everything to do with what it comes with: a 10 year bow-to-stern warranty. That’s practically unheard-of in boats sold these days. And on top of that, there’s a lifetime limited structural and deck warranty. Yes, the warranty can be transferred to a second owner, boosting resale value.

princecraft dlx

Sure it’s rather plain, but the Princecraft DLX Yukon is so inexpensive, logic dictates you MUST get one. Sort of.

3. Princecraft DLX Yukon – True, the Princecraft DLX Yukon is a simple, spartan boat. Yes, the base powerplant is a mere 9.9 HP. But not only is the price tag under $15,000, it’s W-A-Y under. In fact, you can get this rig for right around $7,000. That leaves plenty of room for upgrades, not to mention bait and gas money. Plus, it does have a few features that set it apart from your basic aluminum semi-V. There is a 10 gallon livewell, built into the front bench. The boat comes with nav lights, as well as the slick urethane paint job. And more importantly, the boat is constructed of 5052-H36 alloy aluminum, which is a cut above the industry norm.

So, you see? Logic never needs to come into the equation. At least, that’s what I tell myself, every time I get another fishing boat.

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