‘Fraidy-cat’ feline scares black bear off porch (VIDEO)

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June 25, 2015
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June 26, 2015

“She’s really such a fraidy-cat most of the time, I don’t know what got into her. She probably wouldn’t have lunged if we weren’t standing right behind her.”

That is how Eagle River resident Darlis Elliott described the scene that unfolded Sunday afternoon, when her 2-year-old cat Nani scared a black bear off her family porch.

Elliott, who lives on Mariah Drive off of Prudhoe Bay Avenue in Eagle River says she is used to bears and moose hanging around her house and wasn’t surprised when she saw the bear approach Sunday.

“The bear came up our front drive way and walked around the house to the back,” Elliott said. “We were all kind of watching him as he came up the back porch and that’s when Nani saw him.”

According to Elliott, Nani crouched down in front of the door as if she was stalking him. “She was watching him until he turned his face to the door, and that’s when she pounced.”

“We were all really surprised that she lunged at him, but we were more surprised that it scared him enough to fall of the porch,” Elliott said.

Elliott says she hasn’t seen the bear since.

Source: KTUU

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