Hogs Declare War

Old Man And The Sea
June 1, 2015
Big bass
June 1, 2015

The day before we got a report of 4 turkeys in the that area 2 jakes 2 hens and later 2 toms showed up and pushed the jakes out. So I followed up on that scouting report got me a good brushy spot to sit in and waited with my Beratta A391 xtrema II equipped with factory full choke and 3 rounds of Winchester long beard #5 for the turkey show. Just as forecasted about an hour before dark the 2 hens and 2 jakes showed up for a snack to take with ’em to the roost but before the toms could feel comfortable with the surroundings (you know those old wise ones can since the trap) those hogs came in and destroyed the plan.
I wasn’t after any hogs but when they came in a ran 2 hens and 2 jakes off well they declared war. I actually killed a 4th ran off through cactus with gut shot. Hit it on a pass through of that little one with the head shot. I made that lever action gives it’s best AR imitation I could. That black sow was about 70 yards running away diagonally. Took 2 shots to put her to sleep. 1st one spun her around but she still had a little mobility. The 2nd shot finished it. Pictured Glynn Parent location San Saba

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