Massive alligator killed behind house at Rayburn, suspected in killing neighborhood pets

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A massive alligator, which is suspected in the disappearance of several dogs and cats in the area, was killed on Tuesday evening when it came out of the water and was found behind a house on Wingate Drive in Rayburn Country.

According Gary Pullen, who is also a sergeant with the Jasper Police Department, the dinosaur era creature had been spotted numerous times over the last 6 months lingering in a cove behind his house. Pullen said a neighbor’s dog recently disappeared, and others in the neighborhood said that they, also, had lost pets.

Pullen said late Tuesday afternoon, Game Warden Morgan Inman noticed that the gator had ventured about 300 yards out of the water and was in a wooded area behind houses.

Inman quickly determined that the male alligator, which was later measured at over 13 feet long and weighed approximately 1,000 pounds, was too large and too dangerous to try to apprehend for relocation, so Inman put the animal down.

The body was picked up by Harlan “Bigfoot” Hatcher, who is one of the stars of the popular TV show Swamp People, and he lives in Fannett.

Source: KJAS


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