King Ranch shoreline giving up some big trout

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July 7, 2015
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July 26, 2015


Capt. Mark Robinson, 361-550-1081,…/Capt-Mark-Robinson…/116689798373346
Robinson fishes the Upper Laguna Madre and Baffin Bay and has been having easy limits of trout everyday, several redfish also. “If we target the reds, we can catch them. The trout are easy to catch.” His clients are also catching a lot of big trout. “Last week we had a 33 ¼ inch trout, weighed 9 lbs, 5 ozs. while wade fishing.”

They are looking for grass flats, with sand spots mixed in. When they find places, they get out of the boat, wade, and cast to the sand spots with live croaker. “We free line the croaker, using a Chatter Weight-a small, pink Chatter Weight-with a 20 inch, 30 lb. monofilament leader, a 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point hook, and the croaker.”

He explains the Chatter Weight helps a lot in catching the trout … “They really like it, the noise. They come over and check it out. The croaker gives it noise when it starts swimming, and we jerk the rod 3 or 4 times hard, shake it and it gives off that ‘brrrr’ noise. I always tell my customers to shake it real hard. That pulls the croaker off the bottom. Usually pretty quick after you shake is when you get your bite.”

If he has time they are able to catch redfish pretty easily also, “but usually after we catch our trout the guys are ready to go in.” He is wading shallow flats for the redfish.

Good places to fish … the King Ranch shoreline in the Upper Laguna Madre, close to Corpus Christi.

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