Scalloping at Crystal River, Fl.

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Photo courtesy Plantation on Crystal River

Over the years, I have been to the Crystal River, Fl. area on three different occasions. All three trips were centered on snorkeling with manatees. Those were truly some of the best experiences of my life and I look forward to returning soon and filming for Kingdom Zoo TV.

I met up with the guys from Plantation on Crystal River and learned about their scalloping trips.

Photo courtesy Plantation on Crystal River

Photo courtesy Plantation on Crystal River

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission regulates harvesting of scallops, like it does all of Florida’s fisheries, and the recreational bay scallop harvest season begins July 1 and ends September 24. The crew at Plantation on Crystal River do exciting trips to harvest scallops during this period, offering a truly unique snorkeling option.

I probably won’t make it over this season but it is definitely on the agenda for 2016. In addition, this area offers tremendous fishing for snook, speckled trout, redfish and tarpon.

The Crystal River area is truly underrated as an outdoors destination. More on this cool area to come soon…

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Chester Moore, Jr.


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