Hackers Infiltrate TrackingPoint Rifle [VIDEO]

Suppressor Cleaning Test [VIDEO]
July 17, 2015
Reloading .22LR Rimfire
August 22, 2015

When TrackingPoint first launched their computerized weapon system there were several critics who did not wish to couple that much technology to a firearm.  Turns out they might have been on to something.

Security researchers successfully hacked into the TrackingPoint’s system through it’s WiFi connection and found it easy enough to disable the rifle altogether, or change it’s point of impact to hit another target.    However, the owner could prevent this by keeping the WiFi disabled.  They were not able to make the rifle fire since that does require shooter input.

I was able to demo the TrackingPoint at SHOT Show 2014, and it works just like it’s supposed to.  900 yard shots were downright boring.

For those of us who don’t have $13,000 to drop on a computerized rifle will just continue to use our trust iPhone apps for ballistic info.  Wait…



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