Important: new BF Goodrich tire recall

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Michelin North America has issued an important recall for a number of its light truck or SUV tires marketed under the BF Goodrich brand name.  The affected tires may experience rapid air loss due to a rupture in the sidewall in the bead area.  If the sidewall ruptures during use there is a serious risk of loss of vehicle control resulting a vehicle crash.  As I have said before, tire recalls (all recalls for that matter) should never be ignored.

The affected tires are BF Goodrich:

  • All-season LT275/70R18     125/122R LRE
  • All-season LT 235/80R17    120/117R LRE
  • All-season LT 265/70R17     121/118R LRE
  • All-season LT 245/80R17     120/117R LRE
  • All-season LT245/70R17      119/116R LRE
  • Rugged Terrain LT275/70R18     120/117R LRE
  • Rugged Terrain LT175/65R18      123/120R LRE

No specific information was provided as to when the tires were made or sold so, if you believe that your tires are affected, call 866-524-2638.  If you are the original owner and the tires were registered for warranty purposes you will be notified by MNA about this recall.



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