Bizarre Battle between World’s Most Venomous Fish and Deadly Snake Caught On Camera

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An Australian fisherman has recently captured images of an event which might stun everyone. The images showed a bizarre battle between one of the world’s most venomous fish and a deadly snake.

The fisherman Rick Trippe said when he was heading back to harbor in Darwin, in Northern Territory; he suddenly noticed something floating in water. He said he decided to see it closely and found that a snake was biting the fish and at the same time, fish was biting the snake. The battle was quite intense, he said.

Trippe was quite shocked to see both venomous creatures having death locks on each other. “It was a big sea snake, but I couldn’t quite make it out what kind of snake it was. Its head was biting a stone fish close to its tail area, and the fish had a huge bite into the snake”, he said.

Trippe said he decided to step in and save them, and he caught the snake just below its jaw. As the snake eased his grip off the fish, it was released back into the water. Trippe informed that he has experience of handling snakes.

He said he knew it was dangerous, but he knew if he grabbed the snake he would not get bitten. The venom released from the 13 spines on a stonefish’s back can be fatal for humans if left untreated.

Trippe said that he feels the snake would have also died. He said previously he has witnessed several other strange events at the sea earlier as well.

Source: Perfect Science

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