Griffin Armament Checkmate .22LR Supressor Review

Photo: Silencer Co
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The Griffin Armament Checkmate .22LR suppressor is one of the quietest rimfire cans that I’ve ever gotten my hands on.

I shot several .22LR cans side by side in a private demo and was most impressed with the Checkmate’s ability to silence even the first round pop.  This is most likely due to the crazy stack of baffles.  But it totally works.  What’s the point of having a suppressor for hunting if the first shot always rings out?

Checkmate 1

Griffin Armament Checkmate Suppressor on a Walther PPK/S .22LR

But the next best thing about the Checkmate is it’s quick detach 3 lug mount.  Similar to the HK style muzzle, you can purchase adapters to fit your threaded barrel that will allow you to attach and detach your suppressor with a quick 30 degree twist.  Also, no thread protector is needed on an empty barrel.  This makes holstering a unsuppressed pistol practical when you can quickly attach the can when you wish.  Extra 3 lug mounts run $30.

The Checkmate can handle .22WM and .17HMR (I’m totally bringing it on the next prairie dog hunt), and full auto rated.  I know, we don’t all have access to cool toys that spew out bullets thanks to the NFA.  But at least you know you it will handle anything you put through it.

Best of all, you can get one for under $300.  If you are looking for a top notch rimfire suppressor, you just found it.


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