Silencer Co Saker 7.62 Review

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The Silencer Co Saker 762 is a solid suppressor that will give you a lifetime of quiet shooting.  I was looking for an all purpose can rated for full auto 308 up to 300 Winchester Magnum and the Saker filled the bill.

It also works great on .223 because it gives the shooter a little less blowback due to the larger volume of the can.  And best of all you can get separate .223 front caps to help seal in the extra gasses and quiet the report of the smaller caliber.  It also gives the end user the ability to repair the most common damage to a suppressor: front cap strikes.  An unstable bullet commonly damages the front cap and would require you to send the suppressor in for repairs, however with this system that would be unnecessary.

Saker Mount & Front Cap Options, courtesy of Silencer Shop

Saker Mount & Front Cap Options, courtesy of Silencer Shop

The modular options of the Saker is a great perk.  Not only does it come with their rock solid MAAD compression mount but you can get extra mounting modules to attach it to AAC, YHM, ASR (Specwar/Omega) brakes as well as direct threads if QD isn’t your style.

The Saker sells right under $1,000 from Silencer Shop, and my favorite part is that while some muzzle mounts cost nearly $200 each you can get the Trifecta brake or flash hider for $75 which adds up to big savings when using the Saker on a several different rifles.

This Saker lives on my .300 Blackout, I’ve shot the rifle with the can or just the brake and noticed no point of impact change at 100 yards while shooting a 6″ steel plate with an unmagnified Aimpoint.  I’m happy with it and I believe you would be as well.  But I also plan to test the Omega in the future. It seems to have all the benefits of the Saker yet in a lighter, more compact package.




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