Terrorist Attack Stopped by Armed Citizen [VIDEO]

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October 8, 2015
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October 14, 2015

The gun banning crowd always claims that “no armed citizen has ever stopped a mass murder”.  And they have a point, because when it is stopped by armed citizen, it’s just a self defense shooting without enough victims to call it a “mass murder” or “shooting spree”.

Here are a dozen examples when armed citizens stopped mass murder. 

Yesterday, in Israel, two teams of Palestinian terrorists simultaneiously attacked in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.  They were both stopped by good guys with guns.  The one in Tel Aviv rammed a bus stop and then started chasing and stabbing citizens with a meat cleaver.  He was stopped in less than 12 seconds by an citizen armed with a handgun.  (I’m counting from when the hacking started, the vehicular manslaughter could first be perceived as an accident.)

And if you think “it’s only a knife” consider this attack in China where a knife attack killed 29.

How do you stay prepared to stop a murderous madman?

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