New Honda 100 HP Outboard Hits the Water

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The new Honda BF110 - 100 horses, in a new Honda package.

It’s been a long time since Honda Marine introduced any new models, so we’re stoked to hear about the new BF100. Why should you even consider a 100 HP outboard, when Honda (as well as most of its competitors) have 115 HP models? Because at 366 pounds, the BF100 weighs in at 112 pounds less than the BF115—on small boats, this much weight hanging off the transom can make a huge difference.


The new Honda BF110 – 100 horses, in a new Honda package.

As you might guess, this engine is based on the current Honda 90. But they squeeze a bit more power out of the 1,496 cc four-cylinder four-stroke SOHC motor, by increasing maximum WOT to 6300 RPM. (On the BF90, it’s 6000 RPM). The BF100 also has a number of tricked-out features. Boosted Low Speed Torque (which advances timing and enriches the fuel mixture during acceleration); Honda’s VTEC variable valve timing; trolling speed control that can be tweaked in 50-RPM increments; Lean Burn control; and a whopping-strong 44 amp alternator, to name a few.

Is the BF100 an all-new powerhead riddled with gobs of new technology? Obviously not. The scale of evolution is nothing like you’ll see when a manufacturer starts with a blank piece of paper, like they did with the crazy-new Evinrude ETEC G2 outboards. But it does represent a move towards change for Honda, which has been fairly quiet in recent years. The gear case is also improved, to reduce drag and boost performance. And remember that this powerhead in this engine carries the exact same design and technology that powers the Honda Accord, CR-V, Civic, Fit, Odyssey, and Pilot. In other words, you can expect excellent reliability, and smooth, quiet operation.


Here’s a look at the guts of the BF100.

Want to learn more about the new Honda BF100? Here’s the link to Honda Marine.

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