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If you carry a handgun, it’s always recommended to carry an extra magazine.  Not only for the extra capacity but also for reliability reasons.  Usually we carry extra mags with a  belt mounted magazine pouches but sometimes we opt for a deeper concealment option like pocket carry.

Raw pocket carry for magazines isn’t recommended because it’s usually slower to grab, more difficult since it can flip and turn around in your pocket, and it can cause malfunctions because of lint and dirt in the bottom of your pocket.  However the new NeoMag magazine pocket holder solves all of those issues.


VP9 Magazine with the NeoMag

The NeoMag is a magnetic magazine clip (yes, a CLIP) that looks just like a pocketknife from the outside.  It’s a very strong magnet that attaches itself to the magazine and keeps it from shifting or falling while keeping your magazine right at your fingertips.


Mag and NeoMag Clip

The NeoMag clip is super strong titanium that is almost difficult to initially clip on your pocket, but that’s a good thing.  Since it’s so strong it keeps the magazine in any position you wish.  For instance with my 5.11 pants I wanted it positioned halfway in my pocket so I would be able to grip the mag with two fingers and a thumb without wrestling with the seam of my pants.

The magnet itself is strong enough to hold even plastic encased Glock magazines.  And since the baseplate rests on the clip body it never drops into the bottom of your pocket, no matter how active I was in testing it always stayed put, and that’s even with looser fitting 5.11 pants with less body tension than jeans.

NeoMag 2

Mags are concealed much easier with lower profile baseplates

NeoMag 1

The NeoMag comes in widths for .380, 9mm/.40 S&W/ and .45ACP so the wings keep the magazine body stable and it won’t shift.  Since it’s so secure in the holder I was always surprised at how easy it is to draw the magazine.  I even considered running it in an IDPA match for backup mags.  The design was really well thought out.  The only issue I found was that magazines with larger/extended baseplates like my 7 round PPS magazine were obviously not as well concealed as a lower profile baseplate since they would show outside of my pocket.  Get one for $45 here.

NeoMag and H&K VP9 Magazine next to the Elzetta Alpha Light

NeoMag and H&K VP9 Magazine next to the Elzetta Alpha Light

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