January 25, 2016
January 25, 2016

Hip Hugger Classic Holster

The Hip Hugger Classic Holster is America’s premier solution for today’s conceal carry woman on the go. The most popular item  in our line, the HipHugger conforms to a woman’s body and works with her wardrobe. The Hip Hugger  discreetly accommodates up to 4 firearms and 3 magazines. Compression holstering conceals your weapon under separates while keeping it within your reach. 

For all day comfort wear, your Hip Hugger Holster  will be the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night. No un-holstering to use the restroom or change clothes at the mall.

Built-in safety features included in the 360* carry HipHugger  holster are:  ‘head’s up’ Re-Holstering Tabs, rare earth ‘Magnetic Weapon Retention’ for no muzzle re-holstering  and Non-Slip Tacti-Grip backing which keeps your  holster firmly  in place. The three row hook and eye tapered front closure offers  the perfect fit all through the month! High-end military grade woven elastic is machine washable. Available in 3 styles to fit all size handguns and  XS-2XL to fit all size women.

Other items include Garters/Garter Belts for skirts and dresses, Corsets for layered separates and  our unisex velcro closure Sport Belts for hiking, jogging, biking. Wear it under sweats, pajamas or gym shorts. No belt needed!  Proudly hand made for women, by women in the USA!  CanCan Concealment LLC, is  self defense with fashion sense!  Check them out online at

NEW J-Braid Line

Daiwa introduces new J-Braid line to complement their already popular Samurai braided line. J-Braid line is a complete line up of high quality 8 carrier braid made of the finest materials from Japan. The 8 strands of tightly woven fibers helps make it have a perfectly round profile. This results in a much stronger, softer and smoother line that is more sensitive and farther casting.

J-Braid comes in three colors Dark Green, Chartreuse and Multi-Color. Dark Green is more natural in situations where you may want to tie your hook or lure directly onto your line without a leader. Chartreuse line is highly visible and this helps detect even the slightest line movement. Multi-color is for deep drop fishing. Color changes every 10 meters for easy depth indication, line movement and quick programing into Dendoh reel memory for maximum readout accuracy. Available in 165 yd., 330 yd. and 1650 yd. spools in a variety of line sizes. 


• Made In Japan

• 8 strands of tightly woven fibers

• Stronger, softer and smoother

• Three colors (Dark Green, Chartreuse and Multi-color )

Live Deception Jigs by Ahi USA

Live Deception Jigs are the latest offering from Ahi USA.  An idea that’s been in the making for many years but it was only until a recent technological breakthrough did the idea turn into reality.  Unlike wraps or decals, the “Real” images of bait fish are printed directly on to the jig body. This gives a much more vibrant and realistic finish and presentation that game fish can’t resist. They look like real bait fish!  It also makes the Live Deception finish incredibly chip and flake resistant.  You can fish the same jig on toothy critters, bounce them on reefs, and at the end of the day the finish is still holding strong, leaving most of the paint intact.  Not just a pretty face, the body has been reinforced with “thru-wire” rigging, beefy split ring in the nose, and 3X Mustad hook connected to the body via solid welded ring.  This very same welded ring offers better jigging performance, inhibits more wobble and side to side action, and prevents the hook from wrapping the main line. 

Live Deception Jigs are designed to mimic wounded bait fish and are incredibly versatile.  Cast & retrieve them, fish vertically, or slow troll them.  All methods can be incredibly effective and since they’re available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 8 ounce, they cover a wide range of fishing, from coastal flats to offshore deep water.   For more information or to find a dealer near you, visit Ahi USA online at or call toll free 866-264-1562.e

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