GoPro Video on Boats? Try re-fuel QuickPod Power Grip

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The Digipower Quickpod is designed to work with your GoPro.

Whether we’re wake surfing, fishing, or duck hunting, many of us like to catch the action on our boat with GoPro footage. But there are several problems: GoPros are so small it’s hard to hold and aim them properly, they’re easy to drop or lose in a stowage compartment, and if you leave them running to catch unexpected jumps, strikes, and shots, the batteries die. Digipower ID’d these issues, and set out to fix them with the re-fuel QuickPod Power Grip. I used one through three days of fishing and boat-testing in the Keys this winter. You can check out the results by watching a SeaVee 340Z First Look Video, and a Using Live Shrimp for Bait video.


The Digipower Quickpod is designed to work with your GoPro, but they have mounts that fit cell phones and different models that extend your reach, as well.

I found the Quickpod gave me a sure grip and made me feel safer about the GoPro, especially because it has a wrist lanyard. I also discovered it lets you get an impromptu camera mount in lots of different places on a fishing boat, because it slides neatly into a rodholder. In fact, I used to to get shots from the bow, off the stern, and across the cockpit by taking advantage of different rodholders all over the boat. Watch that SeaVee video, and whenever the camera stays put, you’ll know it’s in a rodholder.

The other big advantage of the Quickpod is that it houses a 5200 mAh battery. A USB cable connects the battery directly to your GoPro, while it sits atop the mount. Note, however, that you need to have the correct case on the GoPro, so the port is exposed. I brought mine out in the waterproof case, and discovered I couldn’t even hook it up. On the bright side, when the GoPro ran out of juice I just took it out of the case, hooked it up, and took a break for a while.

All in all, I found this a pretty nifty item for shooting GoPro footage on boats, and it’s definitely something I’ll keep in my camera bag from now on.


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