Griffin Armament 9mm Revolution Suppressor Review

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February 17, 2016
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March 7, 2016

I’ve been able to shoot the Griffin Armament Revolution 9mm suppressor for several months now, and I’ll confess I one happy customer.  The Revolution has a durable and very quiet design that comes in two configurations, long and short, along with optional additional mounting systems like an H&K style 3 lug mount.

Revolution exploded1

The Revolution is only 7 inches long and weighs 11oz.  I always keep it in short (K) mode while mounted on my M&P and other pistols because I can’t tell that it’s any quieter in the long mode with three extra baffles, however options are nice.  And since it’s full auto rated you know you will never outshoot it.

You can also shoot the Revolution wet, but then again, with subsonic ammo I didn’t notice any difference so I don’t ever go through the trouble.

Revolution on mp and 161

As with all pistol and rimfire cans you should purchase one that allows you to clean it, and the Revolution makes it easy to disassemble and clean.  The baffles lock together creating their own seal so that they never cake up against to the tube walls and are easily cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner.  My only complaint is that I have had to put the rear nut in a vise a few times in order to break it loose, however it should be updated soon with the Optimus nut that accepts CAR wrenches.

This has become my favorite pistol suppressor especially when other cans were just felt too large on my 9mm.  Get one for only $595 from Silencer Shop.

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