Mistakes Anglers Make – Don’t Do This!

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mistakes anglers make

Anglers make mistakes, just like everyone else. Read this book, and you'll see them coming.

I have been creating disastrous tangles, breaking fishing rods, falling off of the boat, and hooking myself, friends, and family, for decades. If there’s a mistake to be made while fishing, chances are I’ve made it. And if I haven’t, I’ve probably seen someone else do it. So hear me loud and clear, people: when it comes to making fishing mistakes, I am something of an expert.

Which explains why  wrote a new book: Rudow’s Guide to Mistakes Anglers Make (Don’t Do This!)

Look, we all spend countless hours figuring out the right ways to catch fish. But all too often, we forget about the things we do that prevent us from catching fish. Smells are a great example. You can be casting for bass with the perfect lure, in the perfect spot, at the perfect time. But if you recently applied bug repellent with the active ingredient DEET—one of the few proven fish-repelling substances we know of—and got some on your hands and then on your lure, you aren’t going to get a bite. That’s a mistake.

mistakes anglers make

Anglers make mistakes, just like everyone else. Read this book, and you’ll see them coming.

In the book I don’t focus on freshwater, nor on salt. It isn’t about specific genres of fishing, so much as being about fishing on the whole. Mistakes range from shoreline angling to boat handling to rigging to electronics, so the book covers all these bases and more. And I give you my personal guarantee: if this book doesn’t help you catch more fish, I’ll eat my bait (as long as I’m using shrimp or soft crabs).

Seriously though, if you’ve read any of my fishing books (like Rudow’s Guide to Modern Jigging, or Rudow’s Guide to Rockfish,) then you know that I write only about factual fishing information. There’s no assumptions or conjecture, and most certainly no “Me and Joe went fishing” stories. So if you truly want to catch more fish, go to Rudow’s Guide to Mistakes Anglers Make on Amazon, and get yourself a copy. To not do so would, of course, be making a huge mistake!


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