COMMENTARY by Kendal Hemphill
February 25, 2016
February 25, 2016

May Your SpiritWild Run Strong & Free Forever

A re we having SpiritWild fun yet or what? I sure hope everyone is patient and understanding with the old guitar playing backstrapper, for spinning wildly as I am from the highest of highs coming straight out of the greatest hunting season of my life, the Herculean effort I am painstakingly putting forth to type potentially coherent misgivings for another Uncle Ted column is truly miraculous to say the least.

So let us start there, shall we.

My 67th autumn in life was indeed a spectacle to behold. The terminal gaga I experienced day in and day out for more than 300 days afield in 2015 from always spine tingling encounters with majestic critters, the effervescence of many mystical flights of my arrows, many rock steady sniper crosshairs, and the amazing campfire celebrations of hard won sacred backstraps is not only how I get high, it is surely how I live.

The sunrises and sunsets, the sounds, smells, pulsations, the electrical physics of spirituality from every day afield, the happy, happy dogs in the pheasant fields, the duck marshes, the woodcock coverts, in the squirrel woods, the titillating approaches of many deer, bear and elk and of course the often resulting perfect meals of super protein pretty much defines my life.

Sure, my priorities are crystal clear with God, family and country at the top of the list, but my phenomenal year round outdoor lifestyle runs right up there with my beloved rock-n-roll and all those important things for an ultimate quality of life and pursuit of breathtaking runaway happiness American Dream.

Again I thank my BloodBrothers here, including my fellow writers, editors, publishers, readers and fellow SpiritWild enthusiasts. Have we lucked out with choosing and living the greatest lifestyle available to mankind or what?

I love my small game, big game, exotic game, varmints of every species, archery, firearms, fishing, trapping and everything that maximizes my cravings for simply getting out there dreams.

Though 90% of my hunting is dedicated to gungho stealthy bowhunting with my Mathews Halon, I also love my longrange centerfire rifle sniper fun. My favorite long guns are some amazingly accurate bolt rifles in .243 and .270 calibers and numerous ARs in .223 and .308, all with crystal clear Bushnell scopes.

Having my own line of Ted Nugent Ammo doesn’t hurt when it comes time for extended shootemup practice and training fun. Here on our Texas home SpiritWild Ranch, we have some full auto machineguns that we train religiously with, and a normal supply of ammo simply would not be enough when you’re hosing such quantities of hot lead downrange at 750 rounds per minute full auto.

We do not hunt indigenous game with machineguns, but full auto certainly comes in handy when reducing the dangerously overpopulated wild pig and coyote populations from a helicopter.

And Lord have mercy, and it’s legal in Texas! Godbless Texas!

I know my SpiritWild friends no matter where you are have some phenomenal hunting opportunities all across North America, but I’m afraid you haven’t lived till you hunt feral hogs and coyotes from a wildly maneuvering helicopter with a machinegun knee deep in brass.

Can we please have a moment of silence for legally owned machineguns?

Thank you.

As a sworn sheriff deputy for more than 34 years, I am obligated to train diligently with my various firearms and in fact must qualify at the range each year with my daily carry handgun.

I own more than 100 wonderful handguns to choose from, but my usual choice for daily carry and big game hunting is my custom Glock Model 20 chambered in 10mm.

As much as I love hunting in Canada, I am totally let down by the absurd gun laws that good Canadian families have to put up with. Handgun hunting is one of the most enjoyable, challenging, fun sports there is. And of course the God given right to individual self-defense and the natural right to keep and bear arms can only be argued against by illogical, weird people.

There is no logic, common sense or anything approaching any sense whatsoever to believe society could benefit in any way from denying law abiding citizens the non-infringed right to carry a handgun for self-defense, hunting or backup when hunting bear with the bow and arrow.

Who could possibly argue that good hunting families would be inclined to commit crimes or do harm with a handgun when they have unlimited access to 12 gauge shotguns?

Damn shame and really stupid isn’t it.

There is no question that the outdoor lifestyle is alive and well all across North America. Each year it appears that the deer hunting gets better, the bear and cougar hunting gets better, the moose, pronghorn and turkey hunting is getting better, the small game and waterfowl hunting is truly spectacular, the fishing is worldclass and the Spirit of the Wild runs strong and free.

My killer band and I are gearing up for our 2016 Sonic Baptizm summer tour July and August, and as much as I connect with my gungho hunting and fishing BloodBrothers, surely our rock-n-roll bond with serious music lovers everywhere is just as powerful if not a little more!

I’ve been celebrating my outdoor life and musical life across planet earth for more than 55 years, and I sure hope we get to jam out your way on this tour.

I am sure that I will be hunting for fresh bluegill, crappie and bass filets, ambushing some delicious longbeards, gathering wild asparagus, leeks and wild mushrooms, and I will again return to the wilds of New Brunswick Canada with the Danny Dyer family for another phenomenal spring bear season. 

I am here to tell you that there is nothing on God’s good green earth to better bring a crazed MotorCity Madman guitar maniac back to earth like the soul cleansing serenity of sitting quietly on a bear stand with my bow and arrow in the wilderness waiting for that dynamo encounter with our brother the black bear.

I wish you all a very happy springtime across America and beyond, and hope your lines are tight, your gobblers are strutting wildly and the warming days of a new season charge your SpiritWild batteries to maximum overload.

May our spirits be fortified with nonstop fish filets and wild turkey drumsticks for the greatest spring of our lives.

Hunt and fish like you mean it! 

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