Gemtech GM-22 .22LR Suppressor

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March 7, 2016
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March 25, 2016

The Gemtech GM-22 is a simple .22LR suppressor that is perfect for everyday plinking or lightweight trail gun.

My GM-22 started off life as an Outback IID, but was then retrofitted as the video explains to the GM-22 core through Gemtech’s ironically named “IOU” program.

Weighing only 2.5oz you will barely notice the GM22 mounted on your pistol, and besides the extra length you would never notice it on a rifle.  It has a little first round pop, yet it still plenty quiet shooting subsonic rounds.  I’ve also noticed an improvement of accuracy with it as well.  It’s also rated up to .17HMR and .22WMR.

This type of pistol setup is excellent when training new shooters.  I’ve had folks shoot the center out of a target with it when they couldn’t even keep all their shots on paper with a conventional handgun due to flinching and jerking the trigger under recoil.  Shooting a suppressed .22LR pistol is has about as much intimidation as an airsoft pistol.

Accurate?  You bet.  Those are grasshoppers harvested with that setup.

Accurate? You bet. Those are grasshoppers harvested with that setup.

The GM-22 disassembles as an entire core with any square 1/4″ driver.  With just a couple dozen shots you can do this without a tool, but after a couple hundred you will need a driver and about 50 foot pounds of torque.  If you neglect to clean it within a thousand rounds you might need to soak it in a solution like WD40 overnight in order to break it free.

GM22 core1

Cleaning hasn’t been too much of a chore with the GM22, but it is difficult to get into all the nooks and crannies of the baffle system.  Once I went ahead and went at it with a copper bore brush in my power drill.  Just make sure to follow the lead safety precautions if you do such.

The GM-22 runs $300 at Silencer Shop.  While I regretted my Outback IID purchase, the GM-22 is much easier to clean and plenty quiet.  It’s worth a look.


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