INSIDE FISH & GAME by Roy and Ardia Neves

April 25, 2016
April 25, 2016

Creation and Evolution

Y ou may have noticed a different look to the tf&g logo on the cover of this issue. We have been contemplating a redesign for a while now, and felt that the best time to unveil it would be at the start of a new Volume Year, which occurs every May. This one begins our 33rd.

The texas fish & game logo has evloved over the decades, as the magazine itself evolved from an upstart local newsprint publication to the statewide, glossy “work of art” as we think of it today.

In 1997 we took steps to trademark the logo and our name. This was unusual for a regional magazine. It turned out to be a challenge because the U.S. Patent and Trademark office at first ruled the name was too “descriptive,” as if someone attempted to trademark “Bass Lure” or “Hand Loader.” But persistence and a healthy investment in persuasive legal firepower finally won out and we were awarded the trademark on the basis of our longstanding, dominant presence in the marketplace.

Nearly twenty years later, we continue to work hard to serve our market, and that effort means that we must continue to evolve, in both creativity and our ongoing commitment to excellence.

The logo change is part of a general overhaul that is more than cosmetic, as you will see as you go through the remainder of this issue.

In redrawing some of the architecture of texas fish & game, we have created a new section that we are branding texas OUTDOOR nation. This new section is our way of acknowledging—and celebrating—the indisputable truth that, in all aspects, especially its grand outdoors, Texas remains a nation unto itself.

From tf&g’s beginning in 1984, our mandate has been to provide outdoor content that is “just about Texas.” And, from cover-to-cover, that is still what we do. But this new section highlights the things that make Texas unique in the world, truly a nation of vast outdoor resources and a collective spirit that is found in no other place on Earth.

We have re-packaged some existing content items, re-engineered others, and implemented a few new ideas. We hope it helps you explore, enjoy and celebrate this great land we call home.

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